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hihilulu: The Ultimate Platform for Children to Learn Chinese Effectively
BY MICHAEL FERNANDEZ ON APRIL 17, 2023* As the world becomes more connected, it’s no surprise that learning a second language has become a top priority for many families. And while there are many language learning platforms available, few cater to ...
hihilulu kickstarts Dubai operations by partnering with international school
New program in Dubai
Happy new year of rabbit!
Learning Chinese through cultural activities, advance in leaps and bounds
Chinese calendar for downloading
For the year of 2023, hihilulu specially designs a digital Chinese calendar with 24 solar terms which reflects more precisely changes in climate, natural phenomena, agricultural production, and many aspects of human life such as clothing, food traditi...
Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023!
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What's China's 24 Solar terms?
The 5th Great Invention of China