ABOUT hihilulu


Our Philosophy

There has long existed a myth that Chinese is a very difficult language. Really? At hihilulu, we are demonstrating that Chinese is only another language in this diversified world. It's not difficult, especially when the learning methodology is correct.


We are fully committed to design a natural Chinese language acquisition pedagogy for children. This pedagogy is based on early language Immersion method and Dualism Theory of Chinese language education promoted by Prof. Joel BELLASSEN, the first General Inspector of Chinese Language for French Ministry of Education.


Thanks to innovative digital technologies, which allow us to create blended solutions and immersive learning with personalisation for individuals and institutions.


We wish each young learner enjoying playful, interactive yet the most economically effective Chinese learning through our platform anywhere, anytime, and growing up with Chinese language naturally and with ease.

Our methodology

  • Immersion Chinese language environment animated by age-appropriate cartoons and multimedia contents
  • Applying scientifically proven Dualism Methodology in early Chinese language teaching and learning
  • Built-in course plan through theme-based content immersion
  • Incremental high quality language input transforms into effective language output
  • Integration of STEAM concept in order to satisfy children's various interests
  • Certified and experienced multilingual teachers
  • Adapted to self-paced learners as well as to classes