Immersive Learning


Do you know about immersive Chinese learning?


1. The best moment to start multilingual education for children

In the 1930s, neuropsychologist Wilder Penfield argued that early childhood was a critical time for language development. In 1960s the American linguist Noam Chomsky put forth the theory of the Language Acquisition Device (L.A.D.) and explained how children are born with an inherited ability to learn any human language. With enough language interaction in a natural language environment, a child can naturally master any language.


2. Early-age cognitive experience helps children to build a solid foundation

Research findings on brain science confirm that language acquisition requires the support of both sides of brain. As we age, the functions of the left and right brains gradually differentiate and brain function gradually begins to focus on one side or the other. This means that most adults can only use one hemisphere, usually the left hemisphere for learning a new language. Therefore, with the increase of age, children who have not learned more than one language miss the best period of their lives to exercise both hemispheres of the brain and acquire multiple languages. Consequently, bilingual children have cognitive advantages in both flexibility and problem-solving ability over monolingual ones.


3. Cultivating a good habit of children

As language acquisition can be simply improved through constant repetitions of listening, speaking, mimicking and using, a continuous, sequential, cumulative, proficiency-oriented language environment, especially for second language learning, is vital. hihilulu hereby stands for constructing a progressive and customized Chinese content platform, and exposing children to an early immersive Chinese language environment. hihilulu dedicates itself to offer young non-native Chinese learners various tools to spontaneously and naturally acquire the character-based Chinese language just as they acquired their native language, and to accompany children as they gradually to learn how to think, communicate and solve problems in Chinese.


4. Immersive Chinese learning experience

hihilulu platform provides rich animations, 800 most frequently used Chinese vocabularies and a variety of interactive games. In line with the characteristics of children's language acquisition, the selection of content follows six basic principles: interesting, interactive, creative, unique, imaginative and age-appropriate.